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Longest Day


Indulge the day

Defy the night

Summer light

Peaking stride

Dance as one

Selves sublime

Within, without

Around, around

Tracing paths

Worldly sky

Earth and Sun

Entwined, in-time

Endless Day

Dark denied

My First Céilí


My first céilí was an inter-Celtic Fest Noz.

The Irish put on their show, all posture and points as they step-danced with smiles.

The Galicians piped their part, solemn in their duty, huddled and forlorn in minority and gone soon after.

But it was the Bretons held the night, bawdy and…

Le hibou

Mon pauvre coeur est un hibou
Qu'on cloue, qu'on décloue, qu'on recloue.
De sang, d'ardeur, il est à bout.
Tous ceux qui m'aiment, je les loue.